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Privacy policy

Personal information (the information that can identify the individuals of addresses an e-mail address, a phone number the name.) about the visitor whom our site uses in duties by the Ibaraki Plating industry (the following, “our site”) I fix a policy about the protection of the personal information for “personal information” for protection of) that it is said as follows as follows and act for the enforcement of a necessary measure and their continuous maintenance, improvement.
1. How your personal information is used
About the use purpose of the personal information, I use it for the sending such as the answer to inquiries and a document, data.
2. Management of the personal information
I note the prevention and safety measures to prevent unjust access to the personal information of the visitor and manipulation of the information, destruction, loss, a leak in our site.
3. About a third party offer of the personal information
There is no that I offer personal information to the third party entirely. In addition, in any of any of the following, it is not the limit.
(1) When the agreement of the visitor is provided
(2) When it is required by laws and ordinances
(3) When I consign duties to the duties trust point
4. I cope after having confirmed that the person or the person who had you report is an admitting agent when disclosure, a correction (more), deletion is hoped for about the personal information that our site manages about disclosure, a correction, deletion of the personal information as far as it is rational.But it is not this limit when I might spoil profit for other visitors or when I judge it to affect the duties of our site remarkably.
5. Improvement of the privacy policy
In our site, I observe the laws and ordinances about the privacy policy of the visitor and watch this policy appropriately again and will plan improvement.

The enforcement date: May 1, 2010
The date of revision: December 27, 2010

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