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Environmental policy

(1) Basic idea
Ibaraki Plating Industry Co., Ltd. recognizes that it is one of the top priority problems assigned to the maintenance of the global environment for corporate management and I consider it for the maintenance of the global environment with every aspect of the company activity and act.

(2) Basic policy
1. Duties as our master are that a contract processes surface treatment such as plating into various material with various kinds of metal plating which I did including the gilding.
As influence to give environment occurring with the duties

•Influence on quality of the water with chemicals
•Influence on atmosphere from the plating shop floor
•Influence on earth with the industrial waste

It is thought about などが.
I draw up an improvement aim voluntarily that to catch these influence precisely, and we observe the laws and regulations in conjunction with these and act for reduction of these environmental load and wrestle for environmental conservation through an annual review continuously.

2. We wrestle for reduction and recycling with operation positively about the item which may have a meaningful influence on environment and I set a purpose, an aim and carry it out and review them regularly and improve it continuously.
I soak it with the next matter in the item.

•Consumption reduction of medicines used for a plating process and recycling
•Substitute to a medicine with a little environmental load of medicines used for a plating process
•Reduction of the water consumption to be used for a plating process and recycling
•Reduction of the energy (electricity, fuel oil A) consumption of the factory
•Reduction of the waste
•I reduce a reproduction burden by quality improvement and reduce environmental load

3. I carry out domestic inspection about environmental management system and promote continuous improvement of the environmental management system by the self-government.

4. I always grasp various regulation for the product component chemical substance, an order, information of the guidances (RoHS order, WEEE order, ELV order) and, from materials procurement, promote enforcement and improvement of the chemical substance management included in the plating product by a plating process, all processes until shipment.

5. With security safe hygiene measures as all possible measures, steady time, load that which case gives environment in emergency establishes precautionary measures and a correspondence method as minimum and carries out training.

6. I carry out an environmental education to all employees to carry out environmental improvement, and to maintain it and promote the understanding of this policy and improvement of the consciousness about the environment.

7. I recognize that there is it in the industrial area which was next to the throughout the prefecture eminent picturesque ground among the sea, mountains and plan the communication with the community and, through activity to value nature, contribute to the community.

This environmental policy shows it depending on a demand outside an office.

Ibaraki Plating Industry Co., Ltd.

May 1, 2010

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